Split peas
French Fries
Spicy deep with cheese(typokafteri)
Fried Cheese (saganaki)
Squash balls
Octopus balls
Marinated Anchovy
Potato Salad
Crab Salad
Mussels saganaki
Steamed Mussels

Main Dishes

Fried shrimps Νo 5
Fried Mussels
Fried squid
Fried Anchovy
Fried  Common Sole
Grilled Sardines
Cod with skordalia (Greek garlic sauce)
Rice with mussels
Small beef burgers


Lettuce ,onion, dill
Mixed  salad
Greek Salad


Vergina Beer
Ouzo (not bottled)
Wine (not bottled)
Tsipouro (not bottled)

Extra charge 8.00€

For bottled Ouzo and Tsipouro

Extra charge 3.00€

For beers not included in the offer

Dishes with extra charge

Boiled Vegetables 7.00€
Arugula-Parmesan 7.00€
Salad with seafood 9.00€
Grilled Feta 4.00€
Octopus 10.00€
Shrimps Saganaki 10.00€
Grilled shrimps Νo 3  10.00€
Fried shrimps Νo 3 10.00€
Spaghetti with shrimps 10.00€
Grilled Calamari 10.00€
Farfalle with
smoked salmon 10.00€
Grilled sepia 10.00€
Fish soup 8.00€
Grilled Swordfish 12.00€
Crawfish without the shell 12.00€
Small shrimp from Simi 12.00€
Pasta “The Island” 12.00€